An Egg-cellent Eggs-hibition

Gaming back in the 80’s and early 90’s was a completely different kettle of fish to the multi-billion pound global behemoth that we know and love today. These days we’re all used to almost instant loading times, vast movie style single player campaigns and glorious near photo-realistic worlds of epic proportions filled with all manner of intelligent and incredible characters. Continue reading An Egg-cellent Eggs-hibition

Wii U Retrospective: Part One

So far on this blog I have mainly concentrated on the PlayStation family of consoles with a little bit of retro gaming thrown in for good measure. But now I feel it’s time to shift focus for a moment and address the elephant in the room. The machine of this console generation that in my opinion deserved so much more love than it got. The warm-up act for the Nintendo Switch if you will. I am of course referring to the much maligned Wii U. Continue reading Wii U Retrospective: Part One